Disclaimer: When you choose to read this blog you also agree to not find anything upsetting or try and use any content to defame me as a person or anyone connected to me. If you cannot commit to this agreement you are violating the agreement you agreed to by reading this blog. I repeat that by the act of reading this blog you are committing to this agreement of not getting upset or using content in a way that could be considered an act of aggression. If you cannot follow this agreement I urge you to not read this blog.

it-happens-to-you-2This is a blog written in swedish mostly and about matters most important for our survival. Evil and the ability to reveal the evil. Love and the responsible to have love. Truth and the evil of twisting the truth. Lies and the devestating effect on love that is the evil of lies. Lies, theft and all evil is slowly killing everything. People of the lie believe there is no end to their selfish ways. They believe they can lie and there is no punishment in this life. They think that as long as they have not sworn on their word nothing can touch them. Lies are lies and they will get what they have coming with or without any oath. The taking of oaths is just an act of honour and has no real effect outside of the court system, where a false oath will end you up with the worst punishment possible. In real life it’s enough to lie and you will be punished the worst way there is. You will not think it’s coming, but it’s coming and you will not like it. For every lie, every evil act of hurting another living, loving being you will slowly loose your very soul. If you don’t believe you have a soul, you probarbly don’t already. I agree with you, if you claim that. But many people do have souls and they like them and they wish for them to grow and to live forever as spiritual beings, like we are supposed to be. Evil people are not wishing to live forever, they wish to walk on other people this lifetime and step on them for their short and pathetic lives they have choosen instead of eternal souls. They are known by their lack of true education into the wisdom, their shallow partying, constant on the move from one place to another for distraction from the real inner life. They believe that new food, drinks, people as often as possible, for as long as they can hang on to their hastily detoriating bodies, this will give them bliss. It’s superficial and has no real value on the future of either this planet or their own selves. Their attitude is slowly killing the planet and killing their souls.

The saddest thing about betrayalThis blog was created due to my own experiences from a family of phony and false people. People of the lie. I was raised in a very tense feeling, where nothing was like an outsider might believe. There was punishment for some, for doing nothing, and none for those of true hurting behaviour. Hence the sense of right and wrong was severely twisted. I grew up intensly angry and frustrated. Truth had no place in my birth family. Old lies could never be proven wrong as the very instance they were spoken they did not exist anymore to the liars in my family. I had a very hard time accepting there was no way of being allowed to show the falsehood of the lies. Everyone in the family supported the lies and the hurtful behaviours perpetraded by some in the family. There were constant pain and constant insecurity. There were no way to know if someone would treat you kindly or extremly cruel from day to day. The very same person could play your saving hero and the next day put you down like a vicious devil. Loving them and then hating them was day to day life. There was seldom calm and satisfaction. I never remember me being upset over not recieving special stuff I was wishing for, like normal children might be. There was no room for petty little wishes like that to bother me, cause there was so much bigger hurts done to me I was preoccupied to deal with. So I grew up without much desire for material stuff. At the same time those being cruel and cold in my family had their focus all the time on the material stuff. There was plenty of obsession from them over recieving expencive stuff they thought they needed. It was a very black and white family, as half was really lazy and selfish, getting everything they wanted, while half the family was working hard, doing all the household work, but not asking for anything. It was a very unfair family and back a few years ago I found a video that was about a narcissistic mother, and boy, did that feel extremly familiar! Those kind of mothers treat their children very differently. I’ve found out they have golden children, whom they either adore or respect, and they have those they torture, like the empath, which is their own slave or psychotherapist, or the nobody, which they totally ignore, unless they wish to put him down like he was filth. Their golden children get everything they ask for. It’s very important to give them everything they want. The dirty children might get things if the narcissist wish to look good, but it will in most cases be something far away from what they truly wished for. As a matter of fact, a person like that might make a great effort to get the exactly wrong gift to give. It will look good for outsiders, but it will most likely be the very same thing you said you didn’t want for one reason or another. And they will blame you for even telling you didn’t want that. There is actually no way of winning in reasoning with this kind of person. They use no logic, no common sense, and nothing is their fault. Everything is your fault, or whoever they fancy to blame today.

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