Psychopathic Exploitation

The Painful Consequences Of Psychopathic Exploitation and the Smear Campaign.

This is the second time I try to post this. I wrote a very long blog myself here about this issue, but then I forgot that WordPress is not like Bloggers, who auto-save for you, so I lost the entire thing. I felt I had come up with alot of important issues, but Internet Explorer didn’t agree and closed itself on me, deleting the entire thing.


I will try and add the points I made in a somewhat shorter way. First I want to tell you that if you have been through some kind of exploitation by others you will perhaps find the blog above helpful. I found it last year and she writes about matters and feelings and also ones own bad reactions to a bad situation, which might be an eye opener to oneself, as it’s natural to react in a bad way to a bad situation, but I believe many reactions we do have might be our only way to get through insane situations. Never let others bully you into submission, make you do things you feel to the core of your soul is damaging to yourself. You must trust your gut feeling, when it tells you that some people are not good for you, that they don’t want you well at all. Despite what they claim to others. Judge them by how they treat you when nobody is watching, when they think they can get away with it. If others try to push you into having more to do with a person your gut warns you about, ignore the wellmeaning advisor, as that person most likely has not a clue what is going on. I didn’t really write this before, but the sum of it all was this. I loved the first blog and now I don’t feel like re-writing it. Read the link if you want to instead.

There was however one second point I wanted to clear out. It’s that this exloitation can only take true effect if you are in some kind of love bond to the one doing it. You must truly care what the person doing this to you thinks about you and feels about you. Outsiders might want more blood and gore before they believe anything bad is going on, but it’s actually the subtle little things, the push and pull games, that are the most draining on the targeted person, as you will feel guilt for leaving and hope will make you stay put for more games. This will then go on and errode way all that is you in this kind of relationship, and nobody around you will see anything wrong, cause they will only see the pull game, which is the luring, charming behavior to make you stay and hope for better times. If a person misbehaves badly towards you when others are around you might get empathy from others, but only at the beginning of this game. At the end everyone will have accepted that you are not worth better treatment and join in.

I wrote alot about the savior too in my gone blog. The one who might come in and save you from one bad relationship, be it with a parent figure, a partner or a friend. Either way they will come in and promise you better times, aknowledge what is going on, the mistreatment of you, and they will make you feel you can trust them. The savior who’s not for real, will then slowly build you up, just to tear you down again. I also wrote about why they do this. It’s due to the energy you give off when this happens. Hope brings us into a place of joy and calmness, so to bring hope into our lives and then rip it away the disapointment damages us alot more, then only the meaness from the start would had. I wrote alot about these issues as there are so much to learn from this, so we can move on and stop putting our faith unto the givers of false hope. We need to be trusting ourselves as we are beautiful beings of light, each and every one of us who are being targeted like this. You care, you love, you want to trust in others and you feel that you cannot live without loving people in your life, and those are the emotions they exploite. I will not try and reblog the whole thing here. But that was a couple of the things I brought up. Perhaps I write more later on, in an own blog about this. I think the blog on the link at the top says enough this time.

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